Hi, hope you guys had an awesome day!! We celebrated #nationalpizzaday of course!! 🍕❤️And recently I've been tagged to do a question & answer about me. So I took a few of the TMI Tag question a decided to answer a them.  Here goes ~ TMI Tag Questions - 

1-What are you wearing ? Pajamas, my Fav Peace Love World tank & sweats. Most comfy stuff ever!!

2- Ever been in love? Oh yes! 

3-Any piercings ? Yes, 7 in right ear, 5 in left and a belly button ring. 

4- Any tattoos ? Yes 5

5- How old are you? 38 - how did that happen?!?

6- Last thing that made you cry? I was hugging my pup, Sirius, really tight and just teared up. I love him with all my heart!!

7-Favorite food ? Italian AND any Spanish food

8-Where do you go when you are sad? The beach or Target. Also when I'm happy ❤

9-Favorite song? All time best song ever in the history of the world - Open Arms, Journey 

10-Favorite sweet? Chocolate baby & everyday please!! 😁

11-Favorite piece of Jewerly? Tie between my watch & my wedding ring. Both are very very special to me ❤

️ 12- Relationship between you & the last person you texted? My sister  👭❤

13- Last show you watched? I really don't watch TV I watch lots of Youtube Vlogs & Tutorials 💜💅

14- Favorite color? Blue 

15- Something you miss? It's someone I miss, my grandparents. I was obsessed with them & I'm so grateful for my memories of them both 🙏❤️ and my Best friend who passed away. 

Thanks for tagging me and wanting to get to know me 😍 I hope you enjoyed. I'd love to get to you know you all too, so feel free to answer these questions and repost ❌⭕️LNG~ Heather.  


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  • I still can’t believe y’all 38!!!! Your radiance makes you look way younger than that!!!


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